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The Foot Chair


Get the customizable and adjustable arch support you need to surround your feet in comfort, reduce fatigue and pain. The patented Foot Chair comes with two pairs of our Arch Cookies to insert into the Foot Chair to get just the amount of arch support that’s right for you.  If you have plantar fasciitis, arch pain or just discomfort in your feet, the Foot Chair is the answer to your problems.

The Foot Chair: Customizable orthotics with pads for adjustable arch height

Customized fit at an over-the-counter price: The Foot Chair was created by podiatrists to deliver customizable arch support. A design similar to custom orthotics, but at a fraction of the cost. The goal in any orthotic is to have the shell as high as possible without discomfort or pain.  No other over-the-counter orthotic allows you to modify the arch like we do.

Purpose:  Arch supports for plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, stress fractures and other ailments that are now affordable.  We know that custom orthotics are expensive and we worked hard to bring similar quality and comfort that you would get in a custom orthotic molded to your feet.

Adjustable arch support: Unlike the standard inserts available at drug stores, the Foot Chair is designed with insertable pads to adjust your arch support to your unique comfort level.  This is the only orthotic that allows you to modify the arch to your own comfort in each foot separately.

Supports, cushions and protects: Arch support that is as high as possible without being uncomfortable or painful is the goal for alleviating pain. From heel to toe, your footbeds are contoured and supported to cushion the shock of each step and relieve pressure.

Clinically proven pain relief: The Foot Chair reduces pain by supporting your plantar fascia, tendons and arch.  The arch support is for plantar fasciitis as well as other ailments. Helps Achilles tendonitis, heel pain and pain in the ball of foot, top of foot, ankle, knee, hip and back.  There are many diagnosis that you can come up with and most just mean you need a little more support.  No other orthotic can do that like The Foot Chair

Comes with two pairs of the Foot Chair Arch Cookies: Use them to get just the amount of arch support that’s right for you.


30-day money-back guarantee: We’re so sure you’ll feel the difference with the Foot Chair customizable orthotics, we invite you to try them risk-free.  You have nothing to lose! Free shipping to you and back to us if you are not satisfied.  You can trim them, cut them, glue them and make funny pictures on them and we will still honor the guarantee.

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Size A | W 5 – 6.6     | M 3 – 4.5     | 34 – 35.5, Size B | W 7 – 8.5     | M 5 – 6.5     | 36 – 38, Size C | W 9 – 10.5   | M 7 – 8.5     | 39 – 41, Size D | W 11 – 12.5 | M 9 – 10.5   | 41.5 – 43.5, Size E | W 13 – 14.5 | M 11 – 12.5 | 44 – 46, Size F | W 15 – 16.5 | M 13 – 14.5 | 46.5 – 48.5


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