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The Foot Chair Arch Cookies


Our patented Arch Cookies are designed to be inserted into the Foot Chair or Foot Chair Slim orthotic to increase the height of your arch support. Made from durable ethylene-vinyl acetate, the Foot Chair Arch Cookies allow you to increase arch support by millimeters at a time—just like podiatrists do—to achieve the perfect fit. Arch Cookies are sold in pairs and are available in small, medium and large (all sizes are the same thickness).

The Foot Chair Arch Cookies: For use in the Foot Chair and the Foot Chair Slim

Customize your orthotic to deliver just the arch support you need: The Foot Chair Arch Cookies are used to increase the height of the arch in the Foot Chair or the Foot Chair Slim.

Easy to insert, easy on your feet: The Foot Chair Arch Cookies are inserted into the slot between the soft upper layer of the Foot Chair orthotic and the bottom plastic shell. Each Arch Cookie sits seamlessly on top of the one below, so you won’t feel any ridges or edges.

Sturdy and durable: The Foot Chair Arch Cookies are made from long-lasting ethylene-vinyl acetate to stand up to the pounding your own feet take.

Available in three sizes: The Foot Chair Arch Cookies are available in small, medium and large (based on the size of the shoe). All sizes are the same thickness.

30-day money-back guarantee: We’re so sure you’ll feel the difference with the Foot Chair customizable orthotics, we invite you to try them risk-free.

Recommended sizes: (the second size is recommended if you have a very high arch and require 2 Arch Cookies in each orthotic insert)

Size 1 – Small and/or Medium

Size 2 – Small and/or Medium

Size 3 – Medium and/or Large

Size 4 – Medium and/or Large

Size 5 – Medium and/or Large

Size 6 – Medium and/or Large

*All sizes are the same thickness.  They only vary in how wide and long they are


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