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The Foot Chair Medical Orthotic for Arch Support

The Foot Chair works well in larger dress shoes, gym shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes, walking and running shoes. If the toe-box of your casual or athletic shoe is too small, you may want to choose the Foot Chair Slim.

The Foot Chair Slim is thinner, with a lower profile, so it works best in casual or dress shoes. The Foot Chair Slim can be placed on top of the liner that comes with the shoes and no additional adjustments will be needed.

The squeaking is caused by the side of the orthotic rubbing against the material on the inside of your shoe. Baby powder in your shoe offers a temporary solution, but if the squeaking persists, you may need to change the material on the insert that contacts the shoe. Masking tape along the side of the orthotic works very well, or you can have a podiatrist grind down the edges so they don’t contact the side of the shoe with the same force.

Absolutely; the Foot Chair was designed for this. The insert functions like a shock absorber, relieving a lot of the stress on your joints and the supportive structures of your body. Whether you’re running, golfing, hiking or playing field sports, the Foot Chair will improve performance and reduce pain and fatigue.

This varies from person to person. If you’re on your feet carrying heavy loads all day, you’ll need to replace them sooner than someone who sits at a desk all day. The Foot Chair and Foot Chair Slim were designed to last 10-12 months for the average person’s body weight and activity.

If the orthotic starts to feel like it’s delivering less support after a number of months, you can add another pad under the Arch Cookie support and this may extend the life of the orthotic.

With the Foot Chair, you can insert an Arch Cookie under the top cover a little further back than you might normally insert it.  If this doesn’t provide relief, you may want to consult a podiatrist.

With the Foot Chair, you can insert an Arch Cookie under the top cover a little farther forward than you might normally insert it. If this doesn’t provide relief, you may want to consult a podiatrist.

If the arch support is too high, you may return the pair for a full refund.

If you start to have increased burning and/or numbness in your feet after wearing the Foot Chair insert, please take it out of your shoes. This can be an indication of a nerve entrapment in your foot. The nerve is inflamed and when you put the insert under your foot, this added pressure can worsen the condition. In cases like this, we recommend that you consult a podiatrist.

Yes. The Foot Chair and Foot Chair Slim are both made of water-resistant materials. However, water increases friction in small amounts, so if your inserts gets wet (while hiking, for example) there’s an greater chance of wear on the top cover due to increased sheer forces and friction between your foot and the insert.

Most tennis shoes and gym shoes have a liner provided by the manufacturer. This liner is usually spot glued in place or is easily removed. Please remove this liner before putting the insert in your shoe, or the fit may be too tight.

You may not need to remove the shoe’s insert if you’re using the Foot Chair Slim, which is thin enough to be placed on top of the liner that normally comes with the shoe.

The Foot Chair fits better in casual, dress or athletic shoes that tie. The Foot Chair Slim is a more low-profile arch support designed to fit into casual or slip-on shoes. The shell and top cover are thinner, so it will fit into shoes with a smaller toe-box.

Both the Foot Chair and Foot Chair Slim can be modified to increase the arch height and position as needed.

The pads that increase the height of the arch are sold on this website.

First, The Foot Chair is the only arch support that allows you to manipulate the arch of the orthotic in a way to be more forward, back, higher or lower.  No other arch support does this.

The Foot Chair has an arch support made of polypropylene, which is a flexible yet very durable plastic. It’s modeled after a custom orthotic which can cost $400-500. The Foot Chair is contoured to the natural shape of a person’s arch. Many other brands are too soft, or only have a high flange on the inside of the arch. The Foot Chair naturally increases the height of the arch throughout the entire length. In addition, the Foot Chair and Foot Chair Slim allow you to modify the arch yourself to get just the amount of support your feet need.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. You can return the Foot Chair within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, even if you’ve cut or trimmed the orthotic.

This is easier than you think.  Wear the arch support to get used to it.  Whether that is 5 minutes or a full day, then go to the next step.  (if you have worn orthotics in the past you may not have to wait as long because you already know how they feel under your foot) 

After getting accustomed to just the arch support alone, then add one of the arch cookies.  It is recommended to start with the larger of the 2 sizes that come with the footchair (The size A only has 1 size) Keep in mind only work with one orthotic on one foot at a time as each foot may be different. 

Then walk around for another 5 min to a day or whatever your time period is.  Does this feel better?  Good, leave it in. does it feel bad?  Take it out. Now do the same to the other side.   

If you don’t feel it at all after adding the arch cookie(s)?  If not, then add another arch cookie so now there are 2 arch cookies in the orthotic.  If this feels better, then good.  Leave it in.  If not, take it out.  This is the game you play to see how each orthotic, left and right feels.  They may not be the same.  The left might have a different amount of support than the right, but you have adjusted them to feel good and supportive.