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Knee painGet Relief With Custom Orthotics

Foot Ailments & Conditions

Orthotics For Knee Pain

Orthotics for Knee Pain

Your knee is only meant to move in one direction from front to back. It is not meant to bend from side to side and this is what can happen if the foot is not stabilized or if the knee isn’t perfectly aligned. Lack of stability of the foot can lead to knee pain and less side-to-side motion of the knee should decrease the strain on the side ligaments of the knee. You can use either The FootChair Slim or The FootChair to help the arch decrease it’s pronation and potential instability that can cause knee pain.

Custom Orthotics for Knee Pain

With The Foot Chair you can customize your orthotics for 1/10th of the cost of other custom orthotics.

Custom Orthotics For Knee Pain


“Thank you for what you have done to improve my feet and the quality of my life.”
Mary N
“Thank you for fixing my planters facetious. I have struggled with it on and off for years and now it is gone!”
John R
“Made a big difference in my golf game. My feet never really were painful, but they would get tired and achy after a busy weekend of many rounds. They really don't even get tired now. Maybe you should tell people these will take a few strokes off the back-nine!! LOL. I like it a lot..”
Rod G.
Shipped in a few days. Put these in my hunting and work boots and worked like a charm. Have flat feet, or so I am told by my doc and he wanted me to spend $400 on custom orthotics. These seem to work just as good. Haven't had a problem. Worth the money. Thanks
D. G.