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Knee pain

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Orthotics For Knee Pain

Orthotics for knee pain

Your poor knees take quite a pounding every day.

The knee joint is meant to move in only one direction—from front to back. It’s not designed to bend from side to side, and this is exactly what happens when your knee isn’t perfectly aligned or when your feet aren’t properly stabilized.

Lack of stability of the foot can lead to side-to-side motion in the knee joint, which can cause pain.

The Foot Chair and Foot Chair Slim customizable orthotics provide the support that decreases pronation (side-to-side motion) in the arch, reducing the potential instability that can cause knee pain.

The Foot Chair supports and cushions your feet, and the Arch Cookie inserts allow you to customize your arch support for just the amount you need.

More support equals less knee pain

Take steps today to relieve your knee pain with the Foot Chair—the ideal shock absorber for your feet.

Custom orthotics for knee pain

With the Foot Chair you can customize your orthotics for 1/10th of the cost of custom orthotics

Custom Orthotics For Knee Pain


“Thank you for what you've done to improve my feet and the quality of my life.”
Mary N
“Thank you for fixing my plantar fasciitis. I've struggled with it for years and now it's gone!”
John R
“You made a big difference in my golf game. My feet would get tired and achy, but they don’t even get tired now. Maybe you should tell people these will take a few strokes off the back nine!”
Rod G
“I put these in my hunting and work boots, and they worked like a charm.”
D. G.
“My doctor wanted me to spend $400 on custom orthotics. These seem to work as good—they’re worth the money.”
D. G.