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Back pain

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Orthotics for Back pain

Orthotics for back pain

Your back or spine is a complex network, but it can be viewed simply as a vertical column hooked onto the hips, or pelvis. Your legs are pegs that extend from your pelvis to the ground.

If, like most people, your two feet or two legs are different from one another in any way (in length or strength, for example), then one foot will function for a longer or shorter time, or have a higher or lower arc. This can result in pain that may extend all the way up your spine.

A custom orthotic (which may cost as much as $400) can address this problem.

The Foot Chair and Foot Chair Slim customizable orthotics provide an effective solution for a fraction of the cost of a custom orthotic. The Foot Chair supports the arch of your foot, providing a secure cradle for the entire foot.

And the Arch Cookie inserts allow you to make the adjustments necessary to raise the arch or move the arch forward or backward to get just the right feel.

More support equals less back pain

When your arch support is correct for your foot, it decreases micromotion in your pelvis and back. Greater stability of your foot results in less irritation up and down your spinal column, which can lead to a reduction in pain.

Turn away from back pain with the Foot Chair—the ideal shock absorber for your feet.

Custom orthotics for back pain

With the Foot Chair you can customize your orthotics for 1/10th of the cost of custom orthotics

Custom Orthotics for Back Pain


“Thank you for what you've done to improve my feet and the quality of my life.”
Mary N
“Thank you for fixing my plantar fasciitis. I've struggled with it for years and now it's gone!”
John R
“You made a big difference in my golf game. My feet would get tired and achy, but they don’t even get tired now. Maybe you should tell people these will take a few strokes off the back nine!”
Rod G
“I put these in my hunting and work boots, and they worked like a charm.”
D. G.
“My doctor wanted me to spend $400 on custom orthotics. These seem to work as good—they’re worth the money.”
D. G.