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The Foot Chair OrthoticDesigned By Podiatrists

Loved By Everyone!

About The Foot Chair

The Foot Chair evolved as a blend of the custom orthotic, that a podiatrist prescribes, and the foam/gel support that you will find in the store. It was the experience of podiatrists that gave the Foot Chair it’s start.
The analogy was given that the soft insole is like sitting in a bean-bag chair and a hard plastic arch support is like a park bench. Both work for a short time, but the best support is sometimes found in a combination of the two.

With the advancement of The Foot Chair Plus we have revolutionized arch supports, and now people are able to modify the arch and give more support where needed.

The Foot Chair Medical Orthotic for Arch Support

Perfect For Work Or Play

semi-customizable orthotic for athletes

Semi-Custom Orthotic

Today, the inserts are used in physician offices around the country and in some cases used as an inexpensive version of a custom orthotic, simply because it can be modified for the patient’s foot, in the case of the Foot Chair Plus.

No other arch support gives you the ability to modify the arch as we have. The Foot Chair gives you the advantage in comfort AND support.